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If you are serious about your spirituality, perhaps a little put off by religion, and willing to invest time to discover more depth in your relationship with God – the FREE GOD STORY MINI-COURSE will help you determine whether or not you would benefit by studying with me.

The three brief God Story videos in the nav bar above: What it is!  Why you need it. and Testimonials – all help paint picture.

Honestly, I would have given anything to have this resource as I engaged my spiritual journey. There are tons of questions you have about life and spirituality, and I think the God Story can ANSWER THEM ALL.

This God Story experience will:

– challenge and stretch you as a spiritual person
– surprise you/because it opens such unpredictable perspectives on being a spiritual person
– help you to become a real force in God’s Kingdom work in the world
– clarify your special place in this life – and the life to come

I invite you to take the challenge and join the spiritual revolution that Jesus launched before the world was created. Simply click the button to the right.

I think you’re gonna like it!

Dave Nadler