Return to Me

Our physical being is wired to our senses. What we see, hear, speak, smell, and feel are all a very compelling and pressing part of who we are.

Our mind is our ability to reason. It is the seat of our mental faculties where we process information, perceptions, and our evolving world view.

Our heart is where we process our emotions – where we determine meaning and purpose. Here a man or woman processes our connections in life, and the confidence we are living a satisfying life.

Human makeup is one of tremendous capacity in body, mind, and heart. Each brings key elements to guide us to a meaningful, fulfilling life.

It also appears there is a place inside of each member of the human family designed to be filled by God. This is defined in the God Story as our soul or “spirit.” It is supposedly the core of who we are – the part of us which will live forever. While we may attempt to populate this “soul” part of us with recognition, possessions, hard work, human love and acceptance, satiated appetites, or even religion – everything will fall short of filling this deepest part of who we are.

But when this deep us is filled with God our soul contains expanding amounts of faith, hope, and love. All of these draw us toward a satisfied living experience – and what the Bible calls peace.

The God Story unlocks the journey to fill this “god-shaped hole” that is in every heart of the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve. The message is simple and it is clear – there is an daunting chasm between God and man. The God Story helps the person who senses this abyss to find safe passage through God’s Son through the faith, hope, and love needed to fill our empty tank and find eternal life.

And so our “god-shaped hole” becomes filled as we reconnect with the One Who made us.  It is like “coming home.”

Pretty cool, really!