Home Base

I’m thinking about going camping before it snows this year. I started a little brainstorm of things I will probably need to take with me in order to camp safely.

Here are some of the bare essentials I plan on taking:

1. Tent
2. Bedding
3. Food
4. Clothes
5. Compass
6. Flashlight

Pretty basic list, but I’m going to make a comparison here. Think about how our true home is with God in Heaven. By being on Earth, we need to have the comforts and protections of our true home to stay connected with our Creator and Heavenly home.

Things we all need while away from our Heavenly home:

1. Tent (Shelter)
2. Bedding (A place to rest)
3. Food (Spiritual nourishment)
4. Compass (Direction and guidance)
5. Flashlight (Christ as the light inside of us)

Pretty easy comparison, no? Basically what I am getting at is that when we aren’t in our true home, it is easy to feel disconnected from God. Staying connected looks different for a lot of people, but you need some sort of Home Base in order to survive.

Also, watch out for wolves.

-Katie, God Story Portal student