Our Deeper reading course helps hone your skills for a lifetime of study of God’s Word. This also interfaces with a study guide for each book of the Bible and includes 30 minute teachings for most books. When put together with a recurring reading guide series of podcast-posts it gives you an evergreen structure for continuing connection with God’s eternal, supernatural Voice.

Download your Deeper PDF experience here. You can order a printed copy here.

There are 7 video teachings which guide you through:

1.  Deeper #1
2.  Deeper #2
3.  Deeper #3
4.  Deeper #4
5.  Deeper #5
6.  Deeper #6
7.  Deeper #7


You can find our Book by book podcast – post links by hovering over TRAINING in the masthead and clicking going deeper Book by Book. There are 75 posts here at Fourthstream which take you through the Bible – book by book! It will literally provide years of guided self-study for your journey!