Who is God? 

Why are things the way they are? 

Where do I go from here?

I am grateful for the supernatural connections in my life. I am amazed that my mind and heart and my soul have all been awakened to hear the timeless Voice of my Creator. 

This excerpt from Curious Journey amplifies one aspect of how this Voice is overtaking my soul:

“Tonight I am watching my three oldest grandsons sleeping in their bunks in our cabin at Camp Morningstar. I feel a thousand miles away from the busy world that clicks along around me at the speed of light. As I listen to their breathing I pray for their fusion with their Creator. I am hopeful that their individual imprints on the souls of the people they love will be great. I dream of meeting them face to face after they have lived out their own lives of faith, sharing endless God-stories and enjoying a suffering-free eternity – when these shadows become rivers of light.”

You can hear the Voice if you listen carefully.

It blows like the wind through His God Story.

Dave Nadler